How to Open my Eyes?

How to Open my Eyes? exposes the importance of attending to the materiality of photographs through handling them. It does this through performing different existing photographic materials (old photographic papers that have never used, a book that misses one photograph, Google Earth and black and white photographic film). Hence, this research/work makes evident a form of ‘affective encountering’ with images, which stems from touching them, that illuminates the issue of the functioning of images. In regard to artistic research, this research/work sheds light on some methodological aspects that stems from thinking with images in a poetic, speculative and essayistic way.

Video, 5.22 min. First presented as a performance-lecture during the Summer Lodge, Nottingham Trent University, 2012.


Como abrir los ojos 2How to Open frame


How to Open my Eyes?, 2012-2014