Belén Cerezo is an artist, researcher and lecturer based in Nottingham and Bilbao. She produces moving-image multi-channel installations, videos, photographs and writings. Within her practice and research, photography operates as the guiding notion and she is interested in exploring the functioning of images through performance.

Recent projects include the site-specific moving-image multi-channel installation ‘Living the Day’, which is the first iteration of this project, at Montehermoso, Vitoria, Spain, 2018, and the collaboration with Heather Connelly ‘Home Home’, part of the group show ‘Home on the Move’, Whitstable Biennale, 2018; the project resulting from the residency at Foundation Bilbaoarte ‘To Come Back, To See, To Move’ in 2016, and the National Trust commission for Belton House ‘Rehearsing Memory, Belton 2015’.

In 2015 she completed a practice-led PhD at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) where she is an associate lecturer in the Photography Department. Her PhD research ‘What is it “to move” a photograph? Artistic tactics for destabilising and transforming images’ enquired into how artistic practices, intervening in existing images, ‘move’ images in the sense of destabilising and transforming. The notion ‘to move’ led this investigation and it offered new insights on the operations of de-contextualisation and re-contextualisation, montage, the categories of the still and the moving image and the ‘affective encounter’ based on touching. In parallel to exploring the artistic tactics of gleaning, working with archives, the performance-lecture, montage and a tactic I have called ‘performing documents’. Thus, this enquiry argues for a ‘performative materiality’ to renovate the discourse on images. Specifically, the work makes evident a form of ‘affective encountering’ of images which acknowledges their materiality.

She has experience in publishing and presenting my research at an international level. Recent presentations: ‘Images that touch’ at Montehermoso, 2018, ’Postcards from the Anthropocene, Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation, Univ. of Edinburgh, 2017.

Belén Cerezo is a resident artist at Primary, Nottingham, and she is part of the collective ‘Film Free and Easy’.